Plant Sale Gift Card (Electronic)
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Plant Sale Gift Card (Electronic)


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Fayette Cares Plant Sale. Purchase online with convenient drive-thru pickup on Saturday, April 17th in Oakland, TN.

Share the joy with friends, family & loved ones with a gift card!

Let your gift recipient order online, with all plants to be picked up on Saturday, April 17th in Oakland, TN.  

Choose from a vast array of plants to create breathtaking gardens with vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.   

Your purchase supports efforts to end homelessness, break the cycle of domestic violence, and create stability and self-sufficiency from crisis throughout the Mid‑South.


All plants must be picked up via drive thru pickup between 9 am and 2 pm on Saturday, 4/17/21 at:

West Jr. High School

13100 Hwy. 194

Oakland, TN 38060